Entrepreneurial Education: The Top 3 Time Management Strategies
Marketing, sales, finance, administration, hiring and firing are the basic tenants of any small business. However, for the company owner, good time management is the key to success.
In a recent Entrepreneurs Club Radio interview, David B. Rust of Coaching Solutions discusses his philosophy about managing his time. If you want to add an hour to your day, David says:
1. Do the "big stuff" first. This includes the very important, strategic things that must get done, but we don't always like to do. It could include employee issues, visiting an upset client, or interpreting financial statements. The "big stuff" is defined as tasks that need to be done to move your company forward.
2. Analyze your time at least once every six months. Complete a time log on a daily basis in 15 to 30 minute intervals. Then summarize the results over a three day period. You will be astonished where your time goes and be able to adjust your habits.
3. Know when you are most effective and productive. Is it in the early morning or late afternoon? Whatever your pattern, schedule your "big stuff" to be done then. You'll be far more productive.
Please listen to this edited audio of Mr. Rust's interview.
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