Tim Westergren: "I Had a Dream"

Author: Kip Marlow

In 2010, Time Magazine named Tim Westergren, co-founder of Pandora Media, one of the top 100 most influential people in the world.  He developed and patented the Music Genome Project, a mathematical algorithm to organize music. He also spent 20 years as an award winning music producer.

But, it wasn’t always that easy.  He started Pandora Radio in 2000, and found that becoming an entrepreneur was difficult.  He tried to find investors on a daily basis, but failed 247 straight times. Then he maxed out twelve of his credit cards.  Finally on the 248th time, Tim finally raised $7 million.  His persistance was finally paying off.

When asked why he was so driven to succeed, Tim said “I had a dream.”
Now Pandora Media is listed on the stock market with Tim’s value alone at $2 billion.  Annual company revenues have now passed the $200,000,000 mark.  His dream came true.

If having a dream worked for Tim, it can work for all of us.  Sometimes, however,  we have to be patient and persistent.