Time Management Tip: Delegation is a Key!

Author: Kip Marlow

February 20th, 2012

Few people would equate proper delegation to time management, but delegating correctly can save small business owners lots of time.  Many entrepreneurs delegate, but do it without a plan and without understanding some of the potential consequences.

Here are some the things that we do incorrectly:

  1. We don’t delegate fully.
  2. We don’t clarify what we want.
  3. We don’t plan for delegation.

Plan for delegation?  Yes, just like we plan a marketing campaign, planning for delegation is a HUGE key.  For example, some people need to have clarity when asked to do something. Others have to have something put in writing with the exact needs, while many people just need a phone call.  Delegating properly and understanding personality types should be part of your time management process.

In a recent Entrepreneurs Club Radio interview, David Rust of The Next Level Workshop, talks about planning for delegation and those pesky personality types.

Please listen to this short podcast.