Tricia Markovic Owner of Office Works on Being Organized

Entrepreneurial Training: 7 Easy Steps to Get Focused and Organized

Getting small business owners and entrepreneurs organized is often a difficult task. Having a systemized office and keeping it that way is fundamental to being focused and effective. Tricia Markovic of The Office Works, a recent guest on Entrepreneurs Club Radio, talked about the 7 steps needed to make organization happen.

1. Use an IN box: everything goes there first.
2. Have an Out box
3. Use a stand up file rack where projects are stored in labeled manila file folders.
4. Keep only one calendar!
5. No more "Post-It" notes! You'll be more focused without that clutter.
6. Choose one day a week to work on the administration and sales side of your business.
7. Close your email while doing other tasks. It's too tempting to look at the screen in the middle of a project.

Please listen to the 19 minute edited audio.
Tricia Markovic

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