UNCOMN tv: From the Corporate World to Entrepreneurship


January 16th, 2012

By Kip Marlow

Entrepreneurs originate from all walks of life.  Some come out of poverty to become very successful. Others get downsized from their corporate jobs and start companies.

Barbara Oney took a different route. While living in California, she was a Vice President for Universal Studios AND for 20th Century Fox.  Longing to come back to her roots in Ohio, she left the corporate world behind and moved home.

Barbara started UNCOMN tv Network after seeing a huge need for local workforce development. Today, she is merging her passion for education with her experience in the entertainment business. Soon UNCOMN tv will play a pivotal role in upgrading our workforce on the skills needed to compete in today’s fast moving, high tech world.

In a recent radio interview, Barbara talked about the future of her organization and what it could mean to local communities.

Watch this.