Reflections - Face to Face with Contemporary Portraits

New York Art Gallery featuring figurative work of four contemporary US artists

Elisa Contemporary Art is pleased to present our first figurative show, Reflections, featuring four contemporary artists from around the United States. It is a glimpse into the faces of our world. We see glimpses of our loved ones, our children, and ourselves, or may look into the eyes of complete strangers.

These portraits capture a likeness, a place and time, a mood - which allows each of us as viewers to connect with in our own way.

From the work of emerging Connecticut artist, Daryl Zang, whose poignant paintings highlight the joys and frustrations of motherhood to the chiaroscuro captured in the classic European style paintings by Francis Di Tommaso. There are haunting, timeless portraits envisioned by Austin-artist Ray Donley,
whose work harkens back to the Flemish masters and intimate moments, objectively observed, by San Francisco artist Jeffrey Palladini.

Reflections is a personal journey through time and human spirit.

5% of gallery commissions from sales will be donated to one of the support charities helping underserved children heal through art. We currently support Free Arts NYC, Arts to Grow and Creative Arts Workshop for Kids.

Elisa Contemporary Art is located at 5622 Mosholu Avenue (near 256th Street/Riverdale Library), Riverdale NY. Gallery Hours: Friday/Saturday 10am - 6pm; And by Appointment.

What: Reflections - Modern portraits and Timeless Images
When: Now through November 21st, 2010
Where: Elisa Contemporary Art Gallery, 5622 Mosholu Avenue, Riverdale NY

Contact: Lisa Cooper, Elisa Contemporary Art (
or 212.729.4974

About the Artists

Daryl Zang:
Emerging artist Daryl Zang expresses the realities of her life - the day to day and through pregnancy and motherhood - and explores the challenges faced by women through her deeply poignant paintings.

She hopes to have the images she creates ignite similar feelings within her viewers.

"I know I have been successful when a viewer realizes they are not alone with these feelings. Those connections are incredibly gratifying and fuel my enthusiasm for painting."

Most recently Daryl's work has been exhibited at Michele & Donald D'Amour Museum of Fine Art in Springfield, Massachusetts as well as the 57th Annual National Exhibition of Contemporary Realism in Art (MA).

Ray Donley:
For Ray Donley, the classical ideals of the Baroque and Renaissance period are where he pulls much of his inspiration and style. It is from these classical techniques that create the timeless quality in his work.

"I seek above all to create an art that, while seemingly possessing a Renaissance or Baroque pedigree, is itself rich with its own mythic and symbolic potential."

Ray is a contemporary portrait artist that currently lives in Austin, Texas. He has been exhibiting his artwork since 1981 in galleries, museums and universities throughout the United States, Europe and Mexico.

Francis Di Tommaso:
While growing up in Europe Francis Di Tommaso was exposed to the magnificent world of classical art. At an early age he was introduced to many prominent artists who facilitated his artistic
development. Francis received his formal art training from the University of Art and The Fine Arts Academy in Florence, Italy.

Francis has shown his work in many galleries in Europe and New York. He held a show at the Washington Square East Gallery in 2004.
In addition to his gallery showings, he has been a notable figure in the curatorial world. Since 1994, Francis has served as the director of Student Galleries and the Visual Arts Museum at the School of Visual Arts in New York.

Jeffrey Palladini
Jeffrey Palladini's unconventional portraits evoke feelings of sensuality and euphoria. While the San Francisco-based artist studied at California State University, it was in Florence that his true creative spirit was pulled forth from the beauty that surrounded him.

Now his modern figure paintings breathe life with vibrant colors and flowing brush strokes. Unlike many portrait paintings, Jeffrey minimizes the amount of detail and information allowing the viewer to gain intense suggestions of emotions in an instant.

"As in memory, all is viewed in snapshots, in glimpses. Complex narratives, transformative events, entire lifetimes, boiled down to these singular points in time."

Jeffrey's works have been exhibited in galleries across the United States, namely on the West Coast.

He has had several solo and group exhibitions at The Lowe Gallery in California and Georgia.

About Elisa Contemporary Art
Elisa Contemporary Art was founded in 2007 by Lisa Cooper and represents a portfolio of both emerging and established contemporary artists, many of whom have work in the permanent collections of major museums and corporations.

The gallery is dedicated to promoting the appreciation and collection of art as a way to enrich and heal our lives, our communities, and the world. A portion of every sale is donated to philanthropic organizations that help children and families within underserved communities heal and grow through their experience with art. We currently support Free Arts NYC, Arts to Grow and Creative Arts Workshop for Kids.

Elisa Contemporary Art exhibits at key Air Fairs in NY, The Hamptons, Miami and Boston; curates public and private exhibits within the Tri-State area, and has a gallery space at 5622 Mosholu Avenue, Riverdale NY (and is Riverdale's only Contemporary Art Gallery). Art consulting services are also available.

Gallery Hours: Friday/Saturday 10-6pm and by appointment.

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