Barefoot Motors Introduces New Generation of Electric Work

EQO shipments begin

Following the success of Barefoot's innovative M1, Barefoot's Owner and CEO, Mary Gresens, announced today the company's next generation of vehicles - the E Series. The first of these is the EQO (e ko), a work horse designed to get the job done while protecting the environment is available for sale immediately. The Electric Quad with ZerO noise and emissions while driving offers even more that the M1:
 Increased comfort with fully-independent suspension
 Improved instrumentation and user-friendly readout
 Improved performance and durability

The EQO utility vehicle offers considerable savings versus competitors over the vehicle life span. For example over 10,000 miles, the Barefoot EQO will save you up to $2,500 in the cost of gas alone (more as the cost of gasoline increases!). In addition, the EQO is qualified for credits from the states of California and Oregon. The EQO offers superior usage savings due to the type of batteries Barefoot uses. Rather than the lead acid batteries in the few competitor vehicles available, Barefoot's Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries require virtually no maintenance and do not need to be replaced during the life cycle of the vehicle, as do lead acid batteries. In addition, Barefoot's batteries are reusable and recyclable. 96% of the components used in Barefoot's vehicles are sourced in the USA