Unscientific polling conducted at 50 universities across the country shows that an alarming 56% of students surveyed are unhappy with their college choice.

NEW YORK (December 9, 2008) - According to a poll conducted by online resource designed to help high school students and their parents make informed decisions about choosing the right school, using resources vital to the college search process-there's a frown on the face of 56% of this year's freshman class as they return home for the holiday break.

Of the 56% of freshmen surveyed who were disappointed with their college choice, 11% said that it was not what they expected. While some seemingly trivial issues, like the weather (2%) and missing their boyfriend or girlfriend (3%), were cited as a part of the problem, 19% of respondents said they spent too much time out at night and did not get enough sleep. Some results were surprising: 6% of those polled mentioned having difficulty managing their time, with 2% even chiming in that they had "no nagging parent" telling them what to do and when to do it.

While colleges across the country wrestle with the age-old issue of keeping their freshmen happy, they may want to consider that colleges with a winning football team had significantly happier students. A whopping 81% of those who reported liking their school attended a college with a winning football team, and their top three reasons for being cheerful were "camaraderie" (#1), "tailgating" (#2) and "pep rallies" (#3).

Glenn Pere, the Founder and CEO of, says, "Considering the expense of education today, I think it's a real shame that every student in college isn't at a place they love. But the results of this survey are not a huge surprise to me, given that the only resources many have available to them are a onetime cross-country campus tour and catalogues about what the different schools offer." Pere notes that he has more friends than not who say, "College was the best four years of my life," and he hopes that future generations of graduates will be able to say that, too. He adds, "To address this need for information, we created as a destination that would cost nothing for college-bound students and their parents, and we certainly hope that when we conduct this research again next year, our site will have played some small role in reversing those statistics."

Another interesting poll result was that 28% of freshmen surveyed said that their peers at college were not what they were expecting. And while a sobering 68% of respondents did say that finances were an issue in choosing the college or university they attended, with 42% currently working to make money, what the future may bring to the 40% who have a 529 college savings plan is yet to be seen. President Eric Yaverbaum states that "While we know that in today's financial climate, money plays a bigger role in the decision-making process, it does seem that many of the freshmen we interviewed for this survey did not do their research before choosing where they went to school." Yaverbaum, who has just begun the college search process with his teenage daughter, notes, "I don't think my daughter and I ever had a more important homework assignment. We definitely are going to do our research! And I couldn't be more thrilled to be able to use the site to help her choose where she is going to spend her next four years."

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