CEO and Founder of Billionaire Business Systems Unveils Innovative Plan to Reverse the Business Failure Rate in America

NEW YORK (August 27, 2008) - According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, over 90 percent of small businesses fail in the first ten years. While business owners are often well versed in their unique industries, most lack the basic knowledge of how to start or run a business, which too often results in their businesses failing. That leaves them with two options - invest in higher forms of education (which requires significant time) or give up.

Bill Bartmann is the leading authority on entrepreneurship in America. He has been named "National Entrepreneur of the Year" by NASDAQ, USA Today, Merrill Lynch and the Kauffman Foundation, and one of the "Top 100 Entrepreneurs of the Last 100 Years" by the Kauffman Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership. His management techniques have been published in college textbooks and taught at universities across America, and as Ken Blanchard, author of The One Minute Entrepreneur, said, "Bill is not only an amazing businessman, he shares his extraordinary life experiences for the purpose of helping others."

To address the underlying problem of business failure, Bartmann is introducing Billionaire Business Systems (BBS). Developed expressly as a means for Bartmann to share proven business practices, BBS is a curriculum that anyone can afford and follow at their own pace and on their own time.
"I have lived a very eventful life, both personally and professionally. Having been a millionaire three times, bankrupt twice and a billionaire once, I have not only witnessed, but also experienced, the devastation and ramifications caused by business failure," says Bartmann. "I've actually lived this."

In 1985, when Bartmann started Commercial Financial Services, one of the largest and best-trained debt collection operations in the world, his mission was to change an industry, which he did. USA Today said, "Bill Bartmann has built a big business of bad debt. He also may have made bill collectors kinder and gentler. And on the way, he became one of the USA's richest men. None of it would have happened if he hadn't gone broke." Today, Bartmann has set his standards even higher. His new goal is to reverse the failure rate in American business, and to help hundreds of thousands of small business owners across the country.

BBS is a new online business educational resource dedicated to providing real-world advice based on Bartmann's extensive business experience. So whether an entrepreneur is a high-school dropout or has a Harvard MBA, BBS gives him or her the opportunity to thrive-while saving a significant amount of time and money, factors that previously have stopped business owners from gaining the crucial information needed to make their businesses profitable.

Business owners and entrepreneurs alike can access over 30 tutorials, including:
- Which Business Should You Be In?
- How to Expand Your Business
- Basic Steps to Borrowing Money
- How to Hire and Retain Qualified Employees

"Our purpose with BBS is to allow people to gain personal knowledge of how to make their businesses more successful, which will in turn lead to a thriving economy. After witnessing success and failure in my life and in my career, I am now devoting my life and passion to helping others succeed," says Bartmann.

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About Bill Bartmann:
About Bill Bartmann: Bill Bartmann is the "Billionaire Business Coach." He is the only self-made billionaire who has devoted his life exclusively to teaching others. Bill is the leading authority on entrepreneurship in America. He has created seven successful businesses in seven different industries, including a $3.5-billion, 3,900-employee international company that he started from his kitchen table with a $13,000 loan. He has been named National Entrepreneur of the Year by NASDAQ, USA Today, Merrill Lynch and the Kauffman Foundation. One of his companies have been named in Inc. magazine's 500 Fastest-Growing Companies in America four years in a row. He has been awarded a permanent place in the Smithsonian Institute's Museum of American History and has also been awarded the American Academy of Achievement's Golden Plate Award for being one of the Outstanding Achievers of the 20th Century.


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