A Passion for Independent Filmmaking

Dynamic speaker to talk about making his first Hollywood film

Eugene, OR - Hollywood attorney Laurence Kaldor will be making a public presentation on his passion for filmmaking. The presentation and screening of his first film, "Redirecting Eddie" will take place in Eugene, OR, Tuesday, July 12, 2011, 4:30 PM, Lane Community College, Forum 307 (Building 17).

Film distributor Tony Ventura (Reelclick.com) will also be present to talk about film distribution, past, present and future. Changes in the world of film distribution are having a dramatic effect on careers in the filmmaking industry.

This entertaining and insightful presentation is being made available free to students and the public as part of the Eugene International Film Festival Filmmaker Roadshow Program.

EIFF Filmmaker Roadshow programs are enriching Oregon students and schools. Together with festival underwriter Showbiz Software the EIFF has provided schools and students with the same production software used by Hollywood producers to create major motion pictures, and industry presentations such at Laurence Kaldor's.

"Redirecting Eddie" is the story of first-time director Eddie Vassick's right of passage into the real world of filmmaking. His investor croaks early in the production schedule. To continue he must cast the investor's widow in a plum role. She has never acted a day in her life. Next, she sells the rights to the film to Eddie's domineering older brother Warren, a B-movie mogul.

Suddenly Eddie is now faced with a union crew, break-neck deadlines, meddling rewrites, and all of the castle intrigue no mortal should have to bear. Sibling rivalry is the weapon of choice in "Redirecting Eddie." Who will win and what will the prize be?

Director Laurence Kaldor is well positioned to tell his story as a first time filmmaker creating "Redirecting Eddie." He advises, "If this is not your passion, do anything else" and "Learn directing through editing." Mr. Kaldor is an attorney licensed to practice in both New York and California. His love of filmmaking is matched only by his love for the practice of law.

Over the past three years he has been training to become a Superior Court Judge and is now running for that office in Los Angeles. He hopes to draw on his experiences as a Judge to fuel and inspire the stories he will direct in the future.

Lane Community College Faculty Member Teresa Hughes and LCC Media Arts Coordinator Jeff Goolsby have made the participation at LCC possible. The screening will be hosted by LCC Instructor Damian McDonald.