Exceptional Care for Animals Madison

Exceptional Care for Animals of Madison, Wisconsin

Formerly known as the Emergency Clinic for Animals, Exceptional Care for Animals of Madison, Wisconsin, maintains more than three decades of history providing unmatched urgent and general medical care to pets and wildlife in the region. In addition to offering diagnostics testing, critical and general medical care, anesthesia, and wildlife rehabilitation, Exceptional Care for Animals oversees pet owner outreach and education initiatives, especially programs aimed at finding loving homes for pets and providing second chances for injured or abandoned animals.

The clinic’s veterinary blood bank, the first founded in Madison, is one of its most-recognized initiatives. Owners who volunteer their eligible dogs for regular blood donations receive a one year supply of heartworm and flea medications, free vaccinations for as long as their dogs remain in the program, and any blood transfusions their pets may need at no charge. Perhaps most importantly, the plasma their dogs provide help save the lives of animals in need. At present, the clinic maintains a fully stocked feline blood bank and only requires donor blood from dogs.

Exceptional Care for Animals maintains involvement in several other regional animal care programs. The hospital partners with the Dane County Humane Society in Madison to repair, rehabilitate, and release or house wild animals, such as injured birds or reptiles, and stray dogs and cats. The clinic also operates a turtle shell repair clinic, through which Chief of Staff Dr. Mark Koeppl has performed hundreds of shell repairs for domestic and wild turtles. For more on these and other programs, log onto the 24-hour animal hospital’s website at ExceptionalCareForAnimals.com.