Neoss top the Insider's list of the 100 fastest growing businesses in Yorkshire

Neoss Limited, a Harrogate (UK) based company who specialise in the design, development and distribution of dental implants is celebrating after topping the Insider's list of the 100 fastest growing businesses in Yorkshire.

Neoss design and manufactures screw-in dental implants, which replace the roots of teeth to anchor a crown, bridge or denture.

The business was founded in 2000 by Dr Neil Meredith and Frederick Engman, who were well-known within the industry but had to work hard to convince customers of the benefits of their new system. Dental implants started being used to treat patients almost half a century ago and entered mass circulation to dental surgeons in the 1980s. It’s a lucrative market, with leading companies achieving gross margins of more than 80 per cent.

The Neoss system reduces the number of components involved in implant surgery which can run into thousands. Guy Leaver, chief financial officer at Neoss, says: "Our system has the same abutment no matter what the diameter of implant, which makes it much simpler for the surgeon."

Neoss now exports 95% of its products to Germany, the US, Italy and Australia which goes some way to their forecasted turnover of £15.5 million in 2011.

During 2012 Neoss will have more product launches to give them "another kick-forward in terms of turnover and growth".