Student Financial Aid Services

Student Financial Aid Services, Inc., found on the Web at, is America’s oldest and largest Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) preparation and consulting firm. takes pride in providing high-quality customer service that generates significant numbers of repeat customers. The firm offers a wide range of testimonials on its website, reflecting the actual experiences of clients whom the company has helped navigate the complex world of FAFSA forms and higher education financial planning. provides an essential service that comes out of the company founder’s direct experience assisting students in a college financial aid office setting. Students and their parents frequently failed to correctly complete an application comprising more than 140 questions, which the federal government itself has identified as being potentially more complex than IRS tax forms.

FAFSALive™ offers clients the convenience of interacting directly with one of more than 250 Student Aid Advisors over the telephone. Friendly and efficient consultations determine clients’ financial and family considerations, offering guidance and answering questions related to taxes and dependency. Throughout the process, advisors focus on completing FAFSA forms in a way that will maximize eligibility for federal financial aid through loan programs and scholarships.’s ExpressFAFSA™ provides an online tool for working through FAFSA forms that is similar to what TurboTax offers for taxes. Both ExpressFAFSA™ and FAFSALive™ services are backed by human review and augmented by the proprietary 450-point automated FAFSACheck™. assists tens of thousands students annually in completing FAFSA applications and in identifying cost-effective higher education opportunities. The company has developed extensive individualized resources such as the College Cost & Planning Report™ that help clients in comparing colleges and evaluating the real costs of education. has also served more than 50,000 low-income students and their families in recent years through the complimentary report.