Blue Ivy Carter Enters the World

Heir to the Throne, Beyonce and Jay-Z's baby girl is happy, healthy, and certainly wealthy

Imagine, for a moment, having Jay-Z and Beyonce as your parents.


Imagine that your mother grossed $87,000,000 in 2010, headlined one of the biggest festivals in the world at Glastonbury 2011, accumulated no fewer than 16 Grammy awards throughout her ongoing career, and has been named Forbes’ number one most powerful and influential musician in the world. Imagine that your father has a net worth of $450,000,000, has sold roughly 50 million albums worldwide, co-owns an NBA basketball team, and holds the record for the most number one solo albums on the Billboard 200. Not so easy to imagine, is it?


Blue Ivy Carter, dubbed B.I.C., came into the world on January 7th, 2012, and there is no doubt that the baby girl will be heir to fame and fortune…not to mention the rumor mill that already engulfs her famous parents.


Speculation has already begun circulating baby Blue, spanning from conspiracy theories regarding her name to the rumored $1.3 million dollar takeover of a New York City maternity ward, and the $1.5 million spent on toys for the newborn, neither of which is confirmed. Blue Ivy’s crying has already even been featured on a Jay-Z track, “Glory,” recorded to commemorate her birth.