A New Trend - Yoga Now Extends to Airports

Yoga Clothing For Women

The airport was a place where you took a plane to go some place. However these days the airport seems to offer more than just a transit seat.

So if you happen to at the airport one of these find days and think to yourself what more could there be on offer apart from food, drink and shopping. Well at the San Francisco airport there is much more. Of course there are the regular services, manicures, pedicures, massages, VIP lounges but now there is the 150 square foot yoga studio open to ticketed passengers. It is the world’s first airport studio; there are a few chairs and some yoga mats. There are no instructors there, you simply find yourself a yoga mar and do some free style yoga while you wait for your flight. Signs are there for everyone to keep quiet and there they are passengers enjoying their waiting time by doing their sun salutations.

There will be the traditionalists who will loathe the thought of seeing some yogis doing their asanas while many of us might just be bemused. It may not be everyone cup of tea but is sure is a sign of yoga’s immense popularity all over the world.

With the onset of its popularity we have also other businesses that have sprung up, from yoga wear for women and other yoga clothing. Yoga clothes come in all styles catering for the many genres of yoga that seemed to have cropped up. From the hot steamy yoga to the power Ashtanga style, there’s some suitable attire for all.

Generally yoga clothing clothes for women includes yoga pants, trousers, Capri pants and shorts. The cross over into lifestyle wear is inevitable for yoga clothes are they are pretty versatile. You can most easily substitute them for lounge wear and even use them for holidays. Most exercise clothing is styled to work as lifestyle wear, and choosing something that’s practical works really well too.

So from yoga at the airports, to a booming yoga wear market what’s next? Well it’s the yoga accessories, from mats to head bands and all sorts of props and yoga aids. Cork block and yoga cotton straps are some of the more popular ones.

Experts say that really though you don’t need all this paraphernalia. A few basic essentials, a mat and some quiet room should set you off nicely and whether the quiet room is in your home or a busy bustling airport, it your prerogative!

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