Yoga Wear On A Budget

Yoga Clothing For Women

If you don’t have a big budget for your yoga wear, don’t worry you can mix things around and be creative too. Good quality yoga wear does not have to be expensive. Really you can work with clothes you may have bought already. If you are the type of person who seeks comfort over style and trends then you’ll find many versatile items of clothing that will work just as well. Yoga clothing for women is a specialized market that offers specially tailored wear that has been styled and created for yoga practise. However many of these styles are simply inspired by clothes we already wear. 

Yoga pants like the Capri and the baggy trouser are simply replicas created in more comfortable fabrics and usually this would be organic cotton or bamboo which is the rage these days. Depending on the type of yoga you choose, you can hunt down some yoga essentials that won’t cost the earth. The important thing is to remember they are comfortable. Comfort is priority and the last thing you want is to be worrying about your clothes in the midst of an elaborate yoga pose. 

So what you really need is a loose or fitted top. You could even opt for something from a women’s high street shop or if you don’t mind spending a few pounds more than select a yoga brand that offers tops within the £30 mark. These will be good quality and long lasting too. Two yoga wear essentials are the top and the bottoms and you could get away with one of each. For the yoga pants opt for something versatile and easy. Leggings are a good option but if you do hot yoga you might want something that does not stick to the skin. A lot of baggy Capri pants to the job just fine and could be worn as lounge wear too. With the yoga tops again you could opt for a standard tank top and buy a couple to mix around with your Capri pants. If you prefer more modesty than a long Tee will be good, slightly fitted and not too loose either. Many yoga clothes brands are priced sky high but you will find some that will range between the £30 to £45 mark for separates. This is affordable and you could start by investing only in two pieces. 

The best recommendation for fabric choice is bamboo or cotton yoga wear. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial and helps keep the garment odour free as well as provides breath ability. 

The one other yoga accessories you will need to invest in is the yoga mats. These days there are very many yoga mats on offer and come at a range of prices to suit every budget. To start with you can buy an inexpensive mat, but bear in mind durability matters so find something mid range and opt for something that offers good grip.

A good book to get you started off is the Yoga Bible, if classes are costly you can actually learn a lot from book as well as DVDs. 

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