PASSAGES Eases Girls' Fears Of Entering Middle School

Orientation for Rising Middle or JR High School Girls

Jacksonville, Florida -

"Sixth grade is like's like starting all over again,"... words from a girl entering middle school.

Middle school can be a tough transition for girls. PASSAGES is a workshop designed to give rising middle school girls an advantage by introducing them to life in their new middle school.

PASSAGES offers girls the opportunity to make new friends and gain valuable life skills. They will learn organization tips, time management, study skills and more. They also get the chance to explore their new school before classes begin.

"Girls face a whole new world in middle school. This is a huge transition for them." says Antwinette Battle, Director of Innovation for the Girl Scouts of Gateway Council in Jacksonville, Florida. "The girls who attend PASSAGES have had their first day jitters tamed, they know their way around, and they've got new friends from day one."

Cost is $40 per girl. To register or for more information go to or call 877-764-5237.

Girl Scouts of Gateway Council, Inc. serves more than 18,000 girl members and more than 8,000 adult members in sixteen counties in North Florida. Membership is open to all girls grades K - 12 and adults age 18 or older, regardless of race, color, ethnicity, creed, national origin, socio-economic status, or ability. ###

PASSAGES is a summer program specially designed for girls entering Middle or Junior High School.

Intro to the new school features:
Organization Tips
Dealing with Bullies
Managing Friendships
Navigating the Halls
Gym Class - Lockers
Note Taking & Study Tips

Cost is $40 per girl.