Global Star Capital

Consults clients world wide on their project funding needs.

Global Star Capital has offered clients around the world an effective route to capital funding for the past 20 years through it's consulting services. Working with solvent individuals, groups, and government entities, Global Star Capital develops venture analysis packages crafted to attract interest from an established network of facilitators and gate keeper organizations of discrete, wealthy individuals and family trusts.

Not all Global Star Capital applicants are accepted for representation, reflecting the exclusive and private nature of the firm’s philosohies. Through a multi-stage application process, Global Star Capital founder Rich Cocovich ensures that only qualified clients are accepted. Initially, applicants submit a project proposal via the Global Star Capital website, pr In addition to contact information, details about the project’s scope, sector, estimated cost, and duration are filled out. Global Star Capital also requests disclosure of broker or intermediary party, if applicable.

A consulting process follows, during which Global Star Capital assesses the project’s viability and profitability, developing a cohesive package presentation it will deliver to facilitating parties that act on behalf of wealthy investors. Rather than serving as a broker, the firm is engaged in high-value niche consulting. The appointed entities of the investment source(s) rely on our longstanding reputation in ensuring that only ethical clients with viable projects behind them are considered for financing.

The client application process is described in detail on the Global Star Capital website, noting that educated and serious applicants willing to take the time and energy to follow exact protocol make ideal client partners. Global Star Capital has a fee structure in place for all in-person consultations, which often involve the prospective client traveling to firm offices located world wide. Alternatively, Mr. Cocovich travels to view projects, conducting on-site meetings.

Rich Cocovich welcomes all solvent potential clients to visit or and follow the OUR PROCESS section of the website.