The Five Most Intriguing London Attractions

London is home to so many captivating attractions; how is it possible to cut these down to five of the most intriguing? It is a difficult task. However, the following are the five cultural landmarks that especially merit exploration above all others:

Which of London’s attractions are especially worth delving into? Buckingham Palace is certainly one of the most eminent attractions and is incredibly popular; millions of visitors from all over the world visit this stunning landmark year after year. It has operated as the official London dwelling of Britain's monarchs since 1837; to this day it functions as the administrative headquarters of the sovereign. Buckingham Palace is home to a nigh unimaginable 775 majestic rooms. These include 19 extravagant State rooms and 52 Royal and guest bedrooms. The Palace houses the offices of all who aid the day-to-day actions and obligations undertaken by The Queen and members of her direct family.

British Museum

Visit the British Museum, a true treasure trove of cultures from all over the world.

The British Museum has enduring Egyptian, Ancient Near Eastern, Greek and Roman, African, Asian and European collections. The British museum encompasses almost 2 million years of history. This history is on show in the form of 7 million artefacts housed in 94 galleries. Marvel at archaic Chinese bronze statues, as well as remarkable African prints, stunning Egyptian statues, relief's from the Greek Parthenon and some truly intricate and beautiful examples of Islamic Art. The British Museum attracts in the region of five million visitors per year. It celebrated its 250th anniversary in 2003.

The London Eye

Since its opening in March 2000, The London Eye has become a celebrated among London attractions. Indeed, it has even come to serve as a symbol of contemporary Britain. The Eye truly is an incredible achievement of design and engineering. Ride in one of its pods and become charmed by stunning perspectives over the capital’s most spectacular and recognisable landmarks.

The Royal Courts of Justice

The Royal Courts of Justice are undeniably worth viewing in some depth.

In 1882, Queen Victoria formally opened the Courts. The courts now deal with many of the country's most critical libel, civil and appeals cases. The building itself is a Victorian construal of the Gothic architectural mode, in all its grandiosity and extravagance. Wonder at oak wood panelling, striking stonework, elaborate carvings and mosaic floors in this majestic edifice. The Great Hall houses a real range of refined portraiture, and includes works by Lawrence, Shee and Wright.

The Tower of London

Which attraction could be regarded as London’s most engrossing landmark? The Tower of London Tour is a very strong contender for this illustrious title. Delve into the Tower of London and acquire insights into the lives of its most distinguished prisoners. You will be both fascinated and appalled when you hear stories of the callous executions that took place in this fearsome structure.