New Website Connects Travellers with Meaningful Vacation Experiences

GoVoluntouring supports charity and non-profit organizations by adding a valuable tool to their limited resources

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, September 28, 2011 - A valuable new website has launched that will give a voice to organizations in need, connecting them with the increasing number of travellers looking for meaningful vacation experiences. Whether it's in offering of your time, your experiences and skills, supporting threatened species, or bridging cultural divides through love, compassion and care, GoVoluntouring's extensive database of vacation alternatives looks to make a difference, one traveler at a time.

Volunteer vacations are becoming mainstream as people seek more fulfilling ways to travel. Until now, sorting through the myriad of projects has been a challenging and fragmented process. GoVoluntouring's search filters offer detailed options that go far beyond the expected. From cost, age, fitness level and religious affiliation, GoVoluntouring will be able to help niche travelers including families, students and baby boomers find the volunteer vacation that best suits their interests and needs. For non-profits, and charities it's the chance to speak with would-be volunteers at no cost and vice versa. This speaks to GoVoluntouring's unwavering mandate to empower those that need it the most.

"There is so much need in the world today, with not one nation that stands resilient and unaffected by the actions of its neighbors. At the most basic of levels, volunteering fosters exposure, sensitivity, and learning. It unites cultural and social groups, and it lifts humanity in nearly every instance. Through GoVoluntouring we have begun uniting opportunities that actively grow within this philosophy, and we have begun very proactive measures towards greater global citizenship." Aaron Smith, founder of GoVoluntouring.

Some of the unique projects that can be found on the site are;

- Women's support programs in the Philippines - Volunteer in a women's shelter and promote female empowerment to some of the most disadvantaged and abused women in Filipino society.
- Help out an animal shelter in Peru - Get animals off the black market and back into their natural habitat.
- Work as a journalist in Mombasa, Kenya - Volunteer positions are available at one of Kenya's leading coastal radio stations. Get insight into how Kenya operates and root out the stories the world wants to hear.
- Support Disabled Children with Equine Therapy in South Africa - Give children the chance to experience freedom in their limbs through horseback riding.

GoVoluntouring is an online community for volunteers, overseas teachers, and learners' abroad that allow users to perform detailed searches from a huge database of projects and programs. With thousands of programs to choose from, GoVoluntouring offers pre-checked charities and non-profits the chance to connect with the volunteers they desperately need, with no added cost to the user or the volunteer organization. For more information visit