Park City's Gluten-Free Institute certifies one of the town's oldest restaurants.

PARK CITY, UTAH (July 26, 2012) – Grub Steak Restaurant, Park City’s oldest and most beloved Western steakhouse, has introduced a special gluten-free dinner menu as well as lunch selections, extending a 36-year history of ensuring that every diner will find something to love at Grub Steak.

“We want everyone to enjoy the full dining experience at Grub Steak,” owner Hans Fuegi said. “That’s why we created a new menu that highlights our restaurant’s favorites  to be enjoyed by our customers who are on a gluten-free diet.”

Roughly one in seven Americans has either gluten sensitivity or gluten intolerance — or difficulty digesting foods made from wheat, barley, malt and other cereals. Hence, to accommodate the demand, Grub Steak hired Park City’s own Gluten-Free Institute to help develop the menu, which is available upon request.

The Gluten-Free Institute combed Grub Steak’s kitchens. Through a comprehensive six-step process, it both certified that every ingredient used on the gluten-free menu is, in fact, gluten-free, and made sure that the menu’s items cannot be contaminated by gluten products and that the front of the house staff is properly informed and trained .

“As we do with all our client restaurants, we took the extra steps needed to ensure that Grub Steak’s guests will be able to enjoy the steakhouse’s famous Western cuisine without any risks to their gluten allergies or intolerances,” Gluten-Free Institute president Jill Parente said.

Grub Steak is celebrating its 36th year in Park City. The restaurant buys its meat bone-in from a premier butcher in Denver and cuts the steaks on-site, grounds its own hamburger beef, shapes its own patties, and all of the desserts, of which some of them are gluten-free as well, are made in-house.

“For nearly four decades, we’ve been committed to true craftsmanship at Grub Steak,” Fuegi said. “We’re bringing that same dedication to our gluten-free menu.”

For more information about Grub Steak, contact Christa Graff, of Graff Public Relations, LLC, at or 435-640-7921.

About Grub Steak Restaurant

Celebrating its 36th anniversary in Park City, Utah, Grub Steak Restaurant is a traditional steakhouse with a flare for country Western simplicity. Renowned for its custom-aged steaks, fresh seafood and 45-item salad bar, Grub Steak Restaurant has been a locally-owned Park City staple for hungry diners since 1976. Grub Steak Restaurant accepts reservations and walk-ins seven days a week and offers live entertainment every Friday and Saturday night. For more information, visit or call 435-649-8060.