PARK CITY, UTAH (March 16, 2012) – For 35 years, through boom times and bust, summer and snow, Grub Steak, the restaurant with the name as earthy as its roots, has continued to attract and thrill both locals and tourists alike.


“While other restaurants have come and gone, we’ve stayed right here at our original location,” said Hans Fuegi, Grub Steak’s owner since 1991. “Our longevity, I think, stems from three things that have remained constant since the restaurant first opened in 1976: the emphasis on top-quality ingredients bought from local and regional sources, our hospitality, and our investment in this community.”


Grub Steak is more than just a western-style steakhouse.  All bone-in cuts are purchased from Lombardi, one of the country’s premier meat packing plant in Denver all other cuts are custom- aged and then cut on-site. The lamb chops stem from animals grazing on the Utah/Colorado border. Hamburger buns are baked in-house, beef for the meatloaf and hand-shaped hamburger patties is ground on the restaurant premises, – which together gives Fuegi the confidence to declare that Grub Steak serves one of the best burgers in Park City, if not everywhere west of the Mississippi.

Likewise, the restaurant’s desserts and famous beer bread are made fresh in-house.  During the summer, Grub Steak’s chef  takes the time to browse the stalls at Park City’s and the Heber Valley’s weekly farmer’s markets to select which produce and fruit to buy for seasonal special dishes.


“I do believe that this commitment to craftsmanship – from selecting the ingredients to the cooking that goes on in our kitchen – has helped establish the reputation the Grub Steak has enjoyed for the past 35 years,” Fuegi said.


Fuegi’s commitment to excellence, however, extends beyond his restaurant’s cuisine. As much as he competes with the 80-plus restaurants that dot Park City, he is also their biggest champion:  Amongst other involvements in not-for profit and civic organizations, Fuegi serves as a board member at the Utah Office of Tourism Development (UOT), chairperson of the UOT Co-op Marketing Committee, board member of the Utah Restaurant Association and co-founder of the Park City Area Restaurant Association.



For all this work, the Park City Chamber/Bureau awarded Fuegi its Myles Rademan Spirit of Hospitality in 2009, which recognized his dedication to the community and his vision for a successful resort economy. And indeed, Grub Steak, with Fuegi at the helm, has proven instrumental in boosting a key sector of Park City’s commercial market.


“When I first moved to the Prospector Square neighborhood in 1980, Grub Steak was one of the few buildings in the area, surrounded by vacant lots,” Fuegi said. “Back then, it already had a good reputation with locals and visitors, and I would never have dreamed that I would purchase the restaurant 11 years later along with an adjacent lot which I was fortunate enough to develop into a successful office building. In the years since, I have seen Prospector Square develop into a truly attractive area for families and small businesses, one with nicely landscaped pedestrian walkways and sidewalks.”


As Grub Steak has thrived, so, too, has Park City. For more information about Grub Steak, its use of local ingredients, and its investment in the Park City community, contact Christa Graff, of Graff Public Relations, LLC, at christa@graffpr.com or 435-640-7921.

About Grub Steak Restaurant

Celebrating its 35th anniversary in Park City, Utah, Grub Steak Restaurant is a traditional steakhouse with a flare for country Western simplicity. Renowned for its custom-aged steaks, fresh seafood and 45-item salad bar, Grub Steak Restaurant has been a locally-owned Park City staple for hungry diners since 1976. Grub Steak Restaurant accepts reservations and walk-ins seven days a week and offers live entertainment every Friday and Saturday night. For more information, visit www.grubsteakrestaurant.com or call 435-649-8060.