Americans' lousy eating habits represent opportunity for U.S. food manufacturers

Manufacturers Turn Their Attention to Improving Mainstream Products; Better Nutrition Without Sacrificing Taste

LOMIRA, Wis., - As the health care debate continues to rage on, most health care professionals will admit that adjusting behaviors in this single area could dramatically reduce America's health problems, and put a dent in health care costs.

Food manufacturers realize now more than ever that creating healthier, low-fat products that don't compromise on taste, convenience or value is a huge opportunity for their industry. To that end, food scientists are beginning to discover how functional whey proteins can work as a means of reducing fat.

For example, some early adaptors have used Grande Bravo functional whey protein from Grande Custom Ingredients Group in sauces, dips and spreads as a replacement for fats and dairy solids, reducing the amount of fat per serving while enhancing texture and improving stability.

"The aging baby boomer generation is getting in the habit of reading nutritional panels when they shop," says Steve Dott, director of sales for Grande Custom Ingredients Group in Lomira, Wis. "Many of our customers are working to improve the nutritional performance of products without compromising taste or value. Functional whey proteins can reduce fat in many product types without any performance compromise."

Grande Bravo will also replace milk fat in ice cream, yogurt, frozen novelties and cheese spreads, sauces, and dips. In many cases product creaminess is enhanced as fat and calories are reduced, completely defying traditional thinking about the relationship between butterfat and mouth-feel.

For more information on how food manufacturers can improve the nutritional performance of processed food products, contact Grande Custom Ingredients at 800-772-3210.