Guelph Hydro Publishes its First Sustainability Report

Environmental, social and economic performance delivers benefits to customers and the community

Guelph Hydro Inc. is proud to announce the release of its first annual sustainability report (available on-line at: which summarizes the company's performance in 2010 and outlines the organization's efforts to balance environmental stewardship, social responsibility and economic success to benefit all stakeholders.

Publishing this annual sustainability report showcases Guelph Hydro Inc.'s evolving strategy to integrate sustainable business practices into its day-to-day operations as well as its development plans for community-based sustainable energy projects that support Ontario's Green Energy and Economy Act and Guelph's Community Energy Initiative.

With the publication of the Guelph Hydro Inc. 2010 Sustainability Report, Guelph Hydro Inc. becomes not only one of the first electrical utilities in Ontario to publish a sustainability report, but also one of only a few utilities around the world to measure its performance against the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the most widely used standardized framework in the world for reporting an organization's environmental, social and economic performance.

The Guelph Hydro Inc. 2010 Sustainability Report, available online at, describes how the company is:
 Developing sustainable energy solutions, championing energy conservation and protecting the environment
 Creating value and facilitating economic growth in Guelph and Rockwood, Ontario
 Ensuring safety, valuing employees and customers, and giving back to the community

For more information and to read the report in its entirety including the Global Reporting Index and financial reports, please visit Guelph Hydro's newly designed website at:


"Our intention in publishing our first Sustainability Report is to be transparent about who we are, what we believe, how we conduct our business and where we are headed. Through our sustainability efforts, promoting energy conservation to customers and developing more efficient sources of power within our community, we are helping to move the communities we serve towards a sustainable energy future and a cleaner environment."

"Our approach to sustainability is about making decisions and operating our businesses in a sustainable manner - in a way that delivers balanced financial, social and environmental returns to ensure the success and future viability of our company for the benefit of our customers, our employees, our suppliers, our shareholder-the City of Guelph, our community and the environment."
Barry Chuddy, Chief Executive Officer, Guelph Hydro Inc.


"We congratulate Guelph Hydro for taking the initiative to produce a sustainability report that will serve as a model for other businesses in our community interested in pursuing sustainable business practices. We are proud to see Guelph Hydro consistently demonstrating leadership in sustainability within our community and within the energy industry in Ontario."

"The publication of this report speaks volumes about the company's commitment to sustainability and clearly outlines the significant contribution they are making to our community while we work towards achieving targets set out in Guelph's Community Energy Initiative."
Karen Farbridge, Mayor of Guelph