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Diet truly matters for great skin, hair and nails.

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Diet truly matters for great skin, hair and nails. One of the first signs of a vitamin deficiency is hair loss. Usually any nutritious diet consisting of foods rich in B vitamins, proteins, and iron, is also the recommended approach to make your hair grow thicker and reduce hair loss.  During any diet plan, be sure to include extra vegetables and fresh fruits.  Their calories will burn fast and their nutrients will keep your hair healthy.  Get healthier by replacing your empty calories with foods like spinach, beans, broccoli, green bell peppers, lettuce, milk, fish, strawberries, avocados, tomatoes, bananas, apricots, yogurt, soy products, oregano, flax-seeds, nuts, and whole grains. In addition to the right blend of vitamin-rich nutrition, it can be beneficial to supplement your diet with vitamins of the most crucial essentials for beautiful hair.

Here are the key vitamins to consider:

Biotin is a wonderful nutritional vitamin sometimes referred to as a miracle nutritional vitamin for great hair. Biotin, also known as Vitamin H, is a water-soluble B-complex vitamin (B7). Biotin is a coenzyme in the synthesis of fatty acids and it promotes healthy cell growth. The visual results of using Biotin is its ability to inhibit hair from becoming dried out, and thus averts hair loss by improving hair cortex elasticity.  Biotin also influences the rejuvenation of the follicle structure which makes the hair glow.

Iron is a vital nutrient for hair growth because a deficiency in iron causes poor circulation which leads to hair loss.

Panthotenic Acid or vitamin B5, is an essential nutrient for glowing hair. It creates a healthy mane by stimulating the process of follicle cell rejuvenation and reduces hair loss.

Zinc is also a powerful vitamin which reduces hair thinning and enhances growth of thicker and much healthier hair; it reduces scalp problems as well.

Natural beauty starts from having a great immune system; boost your immune system by getting rid of toxins with anti-oxidants like Vitamins A, C and E.

All the vitamins mentioned above will encourage stronger, healthier hair, which in turn will give you greater confidence in your truly natural beauty.

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