LCD or Plasma for Gaming - Which is Best?

Dedicated HDTV Gamers search for answers to the question "Which is best, LCD or Plasma for Gaming?"

LCD or Plasma for Gaming - Which is Best

The difference between Plasma and LCD can be confusing for the average consumer, and even more dizzying when choosing between LCD or Plasma for Gaming with special considerations for image clarity, blur, ghosting, and input lag.

So which is best, LCD or Plasma for gaming for a dedicated gamers needs? The best selection may depend on a few factors such as:

  • The gaming console being played

  • The type of games played on that gaming console

  • The type of gamer (casual gamer, pro gamer)

  • The room environment conditions the game is being played in

LCD vs Plasma for Gaming

When you pit LCD vs Plasma for Gaming you essentially are looking for either higher native resolution, bright environment, and energy efficient TV's (LCD TV category) or deeper black levels, dark environment, and more affordable (Plasma TV category).

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These considerations are so important for a gamer because the wrong selection can ruin the gaming experience even for a casual gamer, and make both a console and corresponding TV virtually useless if the gaming experience is unacceptable.

Fortunately Wallace Pierce, an avid HDTV enthusiast and researcher, has provided the necessary information for gamers to address which is better, LCD or Plasma for Gaming so that gamers may make the most informed decision on their purchase and get the most out of their gaming console/HDTV tandem.

Wallace provides in-depth research and details on the best technologies for gaming TVs, brands, models, features and locations on the web to purchase at deep discounts.

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