The Best TVs to Buy 2010-2011

Consumers are seeking the Best TVs to Buy in 2011 for their next HDTV purchase

The Best TVs to Buy

HDTV technology progressed in leaps in bounds during the year(s) 2010-2011 with the top brand manufacturers producing:
  • Plasma TV's with dynamic contrast ratios for deeper blacks and brighter whites

  • LCD TV's with bright displays and sharp, crisp picture quality

  • LED TV's with gorgeous backlit colors and enhanced contrast

  • 3D TV's with eye-popping images that seem to leap from the set

  • DLP TV's for stunning home theater picture quality in large screen formats
So with dizzying array of HDTV options available from various brands, models, and sizes consumers are in need of concise and to the point information on what are the best TV's to buy in 2011 for their next HDTV purchase.

What are the Best TVs to Buy in 2011?

Clearly certain manufacturers seem to have a knack for producing TV's of a certain type as a result of investing their R&D into the technologies they feel will garner the most popularity in 2011 and beyond.

In the Plasma TV category we found:
  • Panasonic: A great blend of high-end features, outstanding picture quality, and outstanding overall value.

  • Samsung: Solid 2D performance with newer models offering top-notch 3D performance with competitive pricing.

  • LG: Style, features and very competitive pricing.

In the LCD TV category we found:
  • Sharp: Able to delivers vivid picture quality, top notch sound, and special "Vyper Drive" game mode to reduce lag time for serious gamers.

  • Samsung: Top of the line LCD picture quality, features and value.

  • LG: Style, features and very competitive pricing even in the higher-priced LCD category.

  • Vizio: Excellent choice for budget-conscious consumers who still desire solid LCD performance.

  • Toshiba: A surprise in the LCD category with newer cinema-style models that are sleek, easy to install, and have gorgeous picture quality.

In the LED TV category we found:
  • LG: A leader in blending LED picture quality with interactive features at a competitive price.

  • Samsung: The same superb picture quality, features, performance and design you'd expect from Samsung.

  • Sony: One of the best LED TV manufacturers in it's class.

  • Vizio: Good LED quality for the consumer on a budget.

  • Sharp: The best-of-breed in LCD and LED technology.

  • Toshiba: Near-flawless Cinema-series LED's that continue to impress.

In the DLP TV category we found:
  • Mitsubishi: Dominant in the slowly dying DLP category, but nevertheless an excellent option for large format HDTV

Wallace Pierce, an avid HDTV enthusiast and researcher, has provided the necessary information for consumers as to what are the best TVs to buy in 2011 and beyond so that TV buyers may make the most informed decision on their HDTV investment.

Wallace provides in-depth research and details on the best brands, models, features and locations to purchase on the web at deep discounts.

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