The Best TVs Under $500 Dollars

Consumers seek the Best TVs under $500 Dollars on the market

The Best TV Under $500 Dollars

This the time more than ever to step in the HDTV market with the price to value ratio at an all time best. HDTV brand manufacturers and retailers now offer unprecedented discounts on sets that perform more impressively than their predecessors of over 4 times the cost. At one time a mediocre HDTV could cost as much as $2100-$3400, but now you can acquire an exceptional HDTV for a fraction of the price.

Wallace Pierce (@hdtvplasmaguy) of, an avid TV enthusiast and researcher, has analyzed the extensive HDTV market and narrowed down from a list of countless HDTV's available to the very best TVs under $500. The task is challenging with so many models available and the myriad of features, advantages and disadvantages however Wallace is a dedicated researcher whose goal is to educate the consumer to make the best TV purchase possible for their HDTV investment.

Wallace has narrowed down the details in an informative comparison chart and provided information on the best TVs under $500 with complete reviews and URL's to purchase on the web at the best discount possible with free shipping if applicable.

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