The Best TV Warranty for Plasma and LCD HDTVs

Learn why a TV extended warranty is so important for new Plasma and LCD TV Purchases

The Best TV Warranty for Plasma and LCD HDTVs

This year was a record-setting season for Plasma and LCD HDTV purchases and it seems now that purchasing an HDTV has become less of a luxury and more of an investment. With all the new exciting features these HDTVs have, the more advanced and complex parts can sometimes wear or malfunction over time. Consumers are searching for the best TV warranty for Plasma and LCD purchases to protect the HDTV investment.

The Best Extended Warranty

The manufacturers warranty that comes with the purchase of an HDTV is very limiting and only covers 1 year of service for parts and labor. To protect the HDTV investment consumers need to extend their warranty 3 years out from the time of purchase. The best TV warranty for Plasma and LCD HDTVs will also cover mechanical and electrical problems that your manufacturers warranty will not cover...with no deductible. Consumers should also be aware that you can only purchase an extended warranty within the first 90 days of the purchase.

The Truth About HDTV Extended Warranties

Wallace Pierce (@hdtvplasmaguy) of has analyzed the warranties of major retailers and found that retailers were making big money off of HDTV extended warranties on the back-end which allowed them to sell TV's at discounted rates on the front end to lure the customer in. In some cases consumers were charged over 25% and in other cases over 50% for their HDTV extended warranty.

Wallace has narrowed down the details in an informative comparison chart and provided details on the best TV warranty for consumers to purchase to protect their HDTV investment.

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