Since UK-based Herbert Systems, leaders in innovative products for the airport industry, installed 16 automatic tray return systems (TRS’s) at London Stansted, the airport has been able to improve the passenger experience and the working environment for staff at their security checkpoint.


Stansted had a number of priorities in choosing to update and improve the security checkpoint, including a reduction in manual handling issues, which were caused by staff having to lift heavy stacks of trays throughout their shifts, and the replacement of a manual system with an efficient automatic one. The Herbert TRS has met each priority and brought a number of further benefits.


John Farrow, Head of Terminal at Stansted Airport, said:


“The innovative Automatic Tray Return System (Herbert TRS) we’ve introduced here at London Stansted utilises technology more effectively to reduce the manual handling of passengers’ bags and supersedes the previous labour-intensive system with an efficient automatic one. On-going feedback from passengers and staff has helped modify the prototype and deliver the system that’s now in operation.”


The manual system that was in place meant that stacks of empty trays had to be carried from the end of the line back to the beginning which was causing manual handling issues for staff.


16 Herbert TRS automatic tray return systems were installed at the end of 2011 and have transformed the environment at the Stansted security checkpoint, as Andy Dowe, Herbert Systems’ Business Development Manager explains:


“By replacing the manual system with the TRS automatic system, we have eliminated the need for staff to lift stacks of trays. Each tray, as it reaches the end of the line, is automatically returned to the start of the line and is presented to the passenger as he or she arrives at the checkpoint. This means staff don’t need to handle trays, they arrive as required for passengers and the staff can concentrate on the security elements of their role – and are not beset with manual handling issues.”


The TRS has also provided Stansted with other benefits. Each tray is IATA sized, which means fewer x-ray images are needed and they also move along the line at a pre-determined speed and spacing, thanks to positive tray spacing technology.

Andy Dowe adds: “We have had a lot of feedback from passengers and staff. Both have commented positively on the improved system. The TRS system is a far more aesthetically pleasing piece of equipment.”


Herbert worked with LPL Airport Services Ltd on the installation for London Stansted, which caused minimum disruption, each set of two lanes being removed, replaced and commissioned within three to four days.


Herbert is a leader in designing, building and installing system solutions for the airport and logistics industries as well as a number of other sectors, and is at the forefront of product development within the field.


This year marks Herbert’s 40th anniversary and the launch of a number of innovative new products across all their sectors including logistics, food and recycling business. Herbert Systems can be contacted on +44 (0) 1945 430 666 and at info@herbertsystems.co.uk or www.herbertsystems.co.uk




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Notes for editors:

Herbert Systems is part of Herbert Engineering, based in Cambridgeshire, UK. It is an established, family business with 40 years experience in delivering solutions to the airport, logistics, vegetable and recycling businesses. Technology transfer from Herbert’s other industries together with the development of innovative handling technology has enabled Herbert Systems to provide a fresh approach to existing cabin baggage and baggage handling challenges as well as developing systems for the fast changing future of baggage handling.