HomePipe Adds New Apple iOS Mobile Capabilities to Personal Cloud Service

Improved Security, Text Notifications, Social Media Integration and Mixed Media Playlist Capabilities Top List of New Features that Enable Secure, Rich Media Content Streaming From Any Apple Mobile Device

HomePipe NetworksT, the leading innovator in digital content access and file sharing for the mobile community, today announced a lineup of enhancements to its iOS personal cloud service apps. Enhancements include greater security, sharing of streamed content via text message, a mixed media playlist and the ability to share and manage unlimited distribution of locally stored files on Facebook. The HomePipe service makes available to all users rich media content such as music, photos, and documents using a range of Appler devices, including iPhoner, iPodr Touch and iPadsr. Unlike single-platform services (e.g. iCloud) that require local storage and uploading, syncing and organizing in the cloud, HomePipe is a location-independent, platform-agnostic solution that enables remote access and sharing of content anywhere, anytime, on any device, including all Apple, AndroidTM, Windowsr Mobile devices.

As our professional and personal lives continue to converge on to mobile devices, it is becoming imperative for businesses to provide secure, on-the-go digital content access to all of their employees, regardless of device or platform. HomePipe makes users content available through a secure cloud pathway, thereby allowing users to leverage the storage they already have. Additionally, streaming access means users don't have to download, save and manage content on their mobile device, which saves storage space, and ensures content is secure and private. The latest app enhancements not only provide iPhone and iPad users with the better streaming access than many platform-specific services - it's access they won't lose if they decide to switch to another mobile platform.

New features include:

 HomePipe SecureShare: Users can easily customize HomePipe's enhanced SecureShare authentication capabilities to protect sensitive information by providing selective access, and requiring specific recipients to login securely before viewing private files. Users can choose to authenticate via login or share files via public access with a link to the photo, file or folder. Using the HomePipe for iPhone and iPad app, users can also easily import contacts from Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail and other email providers directly into HomePipe, providing one-click sharing.

SocialShare: Share photos, files or folders from your Apple device directly to Facebook. A link to the file and a thumbnail of the photo is posted to the users Facebook wall, along with any comment to friends and family. Files are not uploaded to Facebook, but rather remain securely stored on the user's computer, allowing for easy control and removal.

 TextShare: The HomePipe for iPhone and iPad app now allows users to share streaming digital content via text message. Using the app, a text message with a shortened URL is sent to the recipient. This sharing method ensures enhanced security as the link cannot be tracked and all shared files reside safely on the user's home storage device.

 Enhanced A La Carte Playlist: With HomePipe, Apple iOS users now have full access to their iTunesr library. HomePipe's A La Carte Playlist capability allows Apple users to generate playlists from multiple iTunes and MP3 libraries. With one click, the HomePipe app populates a list of all folders containing music files, and allows users to select from those folders to a single, unique playlist. HomePipe's Now Playing feature enables Apple users to stream music or browse photos or documents while simultaneously using other applications. Streaming access also eliminates the need to download and manage the content on your mobile device, saving time and storage space, and safeguarding privacy.

"It's clear that our personal, social and professional lives are converging to our mobile device. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is becoming increasingly important to us as individuals and employees, and businesses are recognizing the reality of a multi-platform environment," said Chris Hopen, CEO and co-founder of HomePipe Networks. "In order to empower individuals to choose their own device, businesses need to implement systems that are device and content neutral. With HomePipe, an Android or Windows Mobile user has the same simple, secure access as an Apple iPhone or iPad user."

HomePipe's apps for iPad and iPhone are immediately available at no charge from the Apple iTunes Store.

To register for HomePipe, visit the HomePipe website