HomePipe Focus on Travelers: Tips when Photographing your Adventures

Camera and Composition to Saving and Sharing Photos with HomePipe

Summer is approaching and soon we'll be dusting off the digital camera and taking pictures of family gatherings, vacation destinations and more. Here are a few photography tips to help you create beautiful long lasting memories.

First, tips on the camera itself.

1. When considering a camera upgrade, check out a camera with image stabilization (IS) or "anti shake" (AS) technology. Many new cameras feature image stabilization that compensate for shaky hands or long lenses. It's worth the extra cost for travelers who often shoot in low light conditions like museums.

2. Choose a camera that accepts a common battery format such as "AA" and get rechargeable batteries and a charger. Rechargeable may cost more, but in the long run, you can reuse rechargeable batteries hundreds of times. If planning for a lengthy trip abroad, buy a set of plug adapters for foreign AC converters.

3. Purchase extra memory cards. Some secure digital cards (SD) are as inexpensive as $5 per gigabyte-that's enough memory to hold a few hundred photos.

4. Stick with a smaller camera rather than a large bulky camera. Less is often more when it comes to travel especially when you're out and about.

Here are a few tips on taking photographs:

1. The Rule of Thirds refers to the fact that the most eye-pleasing compositions for photos split the field into roughly equal thirds. The main focal point, whatever it is, should be roughly one third of the way from either the top, the bottom or one of the sides of your picture. Let's say you're taking a picture of a sunset. You don't want to make the horizon line dead center, rather make it either one-third from the top of the frame or one-third from the bottom.

2. Photographers sometimes refer to the first and last hour of daylight as the `golden hour.' Under the right conditions, the golden hour can often lead to a soft and warm glow on anything in its path. Shadows also get long and pronounced during this time so look for angles that feature these contrasts. Save interiors and closeup shots, location scouting and phone call returning for the middle of the day.

3. Crop people properly. That is, when framing your photo, don't cut the photo off at a joint-elbows, knees, etc. Instead, crop them mid-calf or mid-thigh or midway between their shoulder and elbow. Pictures of people will always end up looking better.

4. Turn off the flash. Often you really don't need it as the natural light is better, softer and warmer. Using the flash too often can make subjects look too hard. Also turn off the flash when filming through glass or you'll get the white glare of the flash in your photo.

5. Check out reflections in still water. This goes hand in hand with the golden hour tip and can lead to captivating photographs. Reflections in still (or nearly still) water add a natural special effect to a photograph that always makes it more interesting. Some photographers actually focus more on the reflection rather than the object itself. You can even look for compositions that utilize reflections on wet streets for an interesting shot.

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