HomePipe's Tip for Traveling Photographers

A Hassle-free Way to Easily Access and Share Vacation Photos

One travel essential, besides your passport and toothbrush, is a camera. Capturing photographs of your vacation destination is a must for every traveler-to save precious memories and to share them with friends, family and colleagues.

As a seasoned travel consultant at Browning Cruises., I've traveled extensively by land, air and by sea. I've taken thousands of photographs of every place I've been and I share my photos with friends, family and colleagues. Because I can click photos as fast as I blink, it doesn't take much time until memory capacity is met on my digital device.

There is an easy, fast and convenient solution to save, access and share your vacation memories. While on vacation, simply save photos from your camera or smartphone to your home computer with HomePipe. It's easy.

I've reviewed other remote access and file sharing services and I recommend HomePipe. HomePipe's remote access and file sharing is fast, easy and flexible-available anytime, from anywhere with an Internet or broadband-connection. You can save high resolution photos to your home computer, thereby avoiding uploading and organizing files when you return home. Once you save the photos to your home computer, you can then share the same high resolution photos with friends, family and colleagues rather than emailing lower quality photos.

HomePipe offers different editions and pricing.; however, the HomePipe Lite Edition is great for the occasional traveler and best of all, it's free.

As you ready for your next adventure, take it from me, avoid memory card overload by setting up your HomePipe account in advance.

1. Simply register and activate a HomePipe account
2. Download the HomePipe app to your mobile device (Apple iPhones, iPads and iTouch, Google Android and Windows Phone 7) from your favorite app store.
3. Go on vacation.
-From your smartphone, access your home computer with HomePipe. Create a folder and save your photos onto your home computer. It takes seconds. That's it.
-Or login to HomePipe from any Web browser. Create a folder and transfer your photos from the memory card onto your home computer.
-Repeat as necessary!

I use HomePipe and recommend it to my friends, family and clients (also called Shares in HomePipe). My Shares use it to instantly access and view my photos when I'm traveling. HomePipe also offers the Cooliris photo display feature so my Shares can view my albums with a click-in the brilliance only high resolution can offer.

Now I enjoy my travel time and I never worry about maxing out memory on my camera or smartphone. I use HomePipe and I share it with my clients as a travel tip. It works on Apple iPhones, iPads and iTouch, Google Android and Windows Phone 7.

About the Author:
Nanci Browning is a professional independent travel consultant of the internationally recognized Brownell Travel, a member of Virtuoso, a by-invitation-only luxury travel network comprised of the leading travel consultants. Browning leverages these affiliations to offer her clients an exceptional value and travel experience. She has access to exclusive agreements with the world's leading hotels, resorts, spas, cruise lines, tour companies, air and rail lines and on-site operators. Browning ensures clients always receive competitive travel rates and added amenities such as upgrades and complimentary meals. Learn more at Browning Cruises website. Contact Nanci Browning via email at nanci@browningcruises.com or at 800.785.8103.