Online Shopping Experts From Hoopla Doopla Featured on ABC's Good Morning Texas.

Tom Cangley and Frank DeBlasi educate online shoppers in safety and bargain hunting.

DALLAS, TX - The convenience of online shopping can be enticing. But is it safe? 

The holiday season is the biggest shopping time of the year. Online shopping experts Tom Cangley and Frank DeBlasi provide expert advice on bargain hunting, online shopping safety, budgeting, and more, offering shoppers a smarter, safer online shopping experience.

About Tom and Frank

Frank DeBlasi and Tom Cangley are the founders of, one of the best online money-saving sites on the web. Frank and Tom are experts in the area of online shopping, and use their expertise to educate online consumers in the areas of bargain hunting, online shopping safety and more, providing them with a better overall shopping experience.

In September 2008, in the midst of a struggling economy, Frank and Tom began planning out the concept for a web based money saving solution for online shoppers. A solution that would not only save people money, but would be intelligent in doing so. Two young, energetic entrepreneurs, Frank and Tom not only combined their thoughts in the idea behind Hoopla Doopla, but put their 15 plus years of knowledge and experience to work in building the entire product themselves from the ground up.

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