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Invoice and Purchase Order Financing

  • Purchase Order Financing
    Purchase Order Financing
    Purchase Order Financing
    Purchase Order Financing

Horizons cash flow consulting service helps secure working capital funds to small businesses through its relationships with factoring firms. A customized factoring facility can provide you with working capital and the discretionary means to discount your accounts receivable and obtain cash with same-day service.  Sales that generate accounts receivable represent an immediate source of cash to you and working capital crucial for maintaining a steadily growing a successful and potentially profitable operation. Horizons cash flow consulting services are geared to accommodate businesses in financial transition—a period, during which your financial condition, for whatever reason, makes it challenging to receive favourable underwriting treatment from traditional commercial lenders. We are committed to helping businesses realize their full potential.  The advantages of invoice factoring include:



• Market for additional business

• Meet payroll or hire additional personnel

• Pay cash expenses

• Meet tax requirements on time

• Purchase capital equipment

• Pay off delinquent obligations

• Reduce stress/improve planning



• Reduce bad debt expense

• Streamline credit approvals for new customers

• Improve decision-making on new business

• Reduce administration costs



• Reduce administrative costs

• Redirect critical resources to marketing and production

• Improve customer relationships

• Improve receivable turns

• Improve accounting


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