How Do You Roll? emphasizes hygiene with Meritech handwashing unit

Jacksonville, Fla. (April 9, 2012) — Known for innovation, How Do You Roll? opened its first restaurant equipped with CleanTech® ELF, an automatic hand washing unit by Meritech, in mid-March.  Joining only a couple hundred restaurants that utilize automatic handwashing equipment, How Do You Roll? is the first fast-casual in Jacksonville to not only use, but also have the sink-alternative visible to the consumer.

 “I felt this was a product that has the same core values as How Do You Roll? and falls in line with our mission to ‘make the world better,’” said David Tennyson, Franchise Owner.  “It saves in water consumption and the waste of cleaning supplies. It also eliminates most bacteria, so I also felt there was need to have this product visible to the consumers.”

 CleanTech®’s touchless system performs a fast, fully-automated wash, using Meritech's proprietary Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG) solution, removing over 99.98% of germs. CleanTech® encourages handwashing with pleasant, easy-to-use automation, delivering a consistent wash every time. How Do You Roll? employees are trained to use the CleanTech® ELF model before putting on their gloves each time to make a roll or touch any food.

 “When dealing with raw foods and wanting to provide the highest quality products and experience, we emphasize a clean store and clean employees,” Tennyson said. “Our consumers are very pleased that we have invested in a technology to help protect them.”

About How Do You Roll?
Founded in Austin, Texas, by brothers Yuen and Peter Yung, How Do You Roll? is an Asian fast-casual franchise that began in 2008.  How Do You Roll? leads the sushi revolution as the first build-your-own-roll restaurant. There are currently eleven locations open; one each in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona;  Marina del Rey, California; Jacksonville, Florida; and one each in College Station, Houston, San Antonio and four in Austin, Texas. How Do You Roll? plans to open 6 more locations by the end of the second quarter and to have 30 restaurants open by the end of the year. How Do You Roll? prides itself on furthering cultural fusion, encouraging consumer creativity and offering a variety of healthy foods.

About Meritech

Meritech manufactures CleanTech® automated hand and boot washing equipment used in agriculture, food processing, food service, healthcare, cleanroom manufacturing and cruise line industries. CleanTech® performs a fully-automated 12-second wash, sanitize and rinse, removing 99.98% of dangerous pathogens, while using 75% less water and generating 75% less waste. CleanTech®’s ease-of-use increases handwashing compliance up to 400%. Visit to view video demonstrations and see efficacy studies


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