Get Your Federal Income Tax Refund Quickly with Early W-2 Access

Access your IRS W-2 forms from H&R Block early and eFile your taxes as early as Jan. 14

A tax refund is the largest lump sum of money many taxpayers receive each year. With unemployment hovering at 9.8 percent and last year's average tax refund exceeding $2,900, there's a greater urgency for many taxpayers to get their refunds quickly.

You can sign up now for H&R Block's W-2 Early Access program to receive an e-mail alert when your IRS W-2 form(s) is available. This free program allows you to file your taxes Jan. 14 - the first day the IRS accepts returns - and receive your tax refund up to three weeks sooner.

Getting your W-2 form early instead of waiting for the Jan. 31 deadline for employers to mail these forms means you can have your taxes prepared in advance and be ready to e-file Jan. 14. Early Access can give you a jump-start on tax preparation and in receiving your tax refund almost a month sooner. Make an appointment with a registered H&R Block tax professional today to discuss your IRS W-2 form(s) or any other questions you may have about your tax situation.

You can search the W-2 Early Access database of 195,000 employers and ensure copies of your W-2s are securely sent to your local H&R Block office at no-cost*. More than 70 million W-2 forms are available through the service.

You also can obtain copies of IRS W-2 forms from former employers and copies of lost W-2 forms through the Early Access program. Check to see if an employer is participating in H&R Block's W-2 Early Access program or make an appointment online with a registered tax professional.

*Available at participating offices and if employer(s) participates in the W-2 Early Access program.

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