Hiring - Just the Facts

Most Smaller Businesses Don't Understand their HR Responsibilities

Hiring: Just the Facts

Good news! You’re so busy you need help with your business. We congratulate you and know that you’ll find just the right employee to share the workload. Before you start scheduling interviews, however, it’s important to know the rules of hiring as mandated by the government. It can get a little complicated, but we can help you get started by outlining the basics.

According to the U.S. Small Business Association, there are 10 action steps each employer must address before being legally allowed to bring on extra hands. And, not surprisingly, most of them have to do with taxes. These steps include establishing an Employer Identification Number (EIN), setting up tax records, securing the necessary kinds of insurance and registering with a state’s new hire reporting program. Also making the list are helpful reminders to fill out required forms such as I-9s, which verify a potential hire’s eligibility to work in the United States, and W-2s and W-4s, which address withholding and reporting taxes.

While the SBA also highlights the predictable issue of keeping good records for yourself and your employees, they also somewhat unexpectedly address your office décor. We’re not kidding! When hiring a new employee it is required by law that you display certain posters outlining employee rights and employer responsibilities. Thankfully, these non-negotiable office decorations won’t cost you as much as that beautifully framed Monet print in your waiting room. They’re actually available for free through federal and state labor agencies. And while the Water Lilies might be more attractive, those government posters will go a lot farther in protecting you and your company.

If you’re looking to make a new hire, we recommend viewing the entire list of action steps, which is available online at www.sba.gov. And if you really want to make sure your bases are covered—or you just want to make sense of all the rules you just learned you have to follow—we encourage you to call us or check out our HR Startup Toolkit, which includes everything you need for hiring and a whole lot more! 

True, the process might be complicated, but we both know it’s a good complication—one that means your business is taking off just like you hoped. Let hr-haven help you make sure it keeps moving in the right direction through the blessing of a proper—and legal—hire. Call us today at 855-474.2836!