hr-haven, inc. & the Liberty Area Chamber of Commerce in Missouri Forge an Alliance

The Liberty Area Chamber of Commerce selects hr-haven, inc. as an Affinity Program Partner

hr-haven, inc. and the Liberty Area Chamber of Commerce have forged an Affinity Partnership to provide Chamber members with discounts on the already affordable Human Resources solutions that hr-haven provides.

Belinda Waggoner, President & Founder of hr-haven when asked about this new
alliance “Every business owner, no matter how big their business is, really owe
it to themselves to “know what they don’t know” when it comes to the sometimes
sticky topic of Human Resources.  Many don’t get help because they honestly don’t know what they don’t know, or they’re afraid to find out.  That’s where
hr-haven comes in – we demystify the topic of Human Resources for business owners every day, with a down-to-earth approach that helps owners really get their
arms around what they need – whether it’s pure HR compliance, educational,
building culture, helping owners strategize their people and helping businesses
align their employees towards their business goals.  There’s so much to a really great HR program.  Because helping businesses with non-traditional HR is our mission, it’s why relationships like the one with the Liberty Area Chamber of Commerce are so important to us.  They’re a way for us to spread the word to business owners about getting the help they sorely need, providing them product discounts, and providing the Chamber by driving a non-membership revenue stream.  It’s a win-win for everyone.”

The Liberty Area Chamber of Commerce chose hr-haven because of their HR focus,
products, down-to-earth approach and overall value.  Gayle Potter, President of the Liberty Area Chamber of Commerce said “this is a product unlike anything we have been able to offer our members.  We are excited to offer hr-haven’s products and service as an added member benefit.” The Chamber will be offering the hr-haven HR StartUp Toolkit™ to members at a discounted price and plan on announcing these new services to their members during the week of April 16, 2012. 

About the HR StartUp Toolkit™

Your company’s branding and culture is integrated into a customized, comprehensive Toolkit that provides A-Z processes for application, hiring, on-boarding, and managingyour people including a custom written Employee Handbook. Beyond the 40 plus documents prepared specifically for their clients (visit for full details), they also work
with hr-haven’s experts and come away from this project with an employer/employee education that will serve them well as they grow their
business.  For more information about the HR StartUp Toolkit™ visit

More Information

For more about hr-haven’s services visit or call 913.940.5391

For more information about the Liberty Area Chamber of Commerce visit or call (816) 781-5200.