How to match men's casual shirts

casual shirts are meant for the informal occasion, completely away from the office and invites that partying feeling. And since there are no

Casual shirts are meant for the informal occasion, completely away from the office and invite that partying feeling. And since there are no strict rules like tucking in or slapping a necktie on them, men’s casual shirts give you the will to experiment. However not all of us are good with trying different styles; especially when the options for men styles are predicted as few. Nevertheless, we only need a few tips to get us going on how to match our top with the bottom.

We begin with the checked men’s casual shirts. These are one of the popular with fine check designs, in one or multiple colors, and can go with several of our clothing. Checks are great with jeans, informal pants and Khakis. The only caution here is to go with one checked pattern, which is the shirt. Blending a checked casual shirt with checked pants is a no-go zone unless one pretty confident with the style.

The same applies for patterned men’s casual shirts meant to be worn with trousers and a tie. Patterned casual shirts auger well with solid tie colors; the bottom being Khaki or casual pants. The jeans and tie option can also blend with an informal shirt, especially if it's patterned with different colors; but you have to be really confident on that one. The opposite is equally true, a solid color casual upper goes hand in hand with a patterned tie, and the bottoms have to be neutral all the while for a fashionable look.

Neutral bottoms are your biggest trick of matching men’s casual shirts. Neutral go well with all sorts of informal upper wear for men. The upper can be printed, check, striped or plain solid which matches with denims or Khakis. For the sake of informal pants, shades of black and grey are the winning neutral look which goes with practically any color or pattern on the casual shirts.

Your last tip on rocking men’s casual shirts is being an expert on the colors. Different colors can be easy to don or daunting on the other hand. The idea is to look sharp and classy without clashing your whole look. Wear complimentary colors when working casual shirts with the bottoms; on the color wheel this will be the colors that are opposite each other from the ends of the wheel. You can be analogous as well; blending two colors close to each other on the color wheel. Before we forget, the shoes should always match with the belt and you are good to go!

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