Insider's Corner Q&A: Arjan Vilkhu

IBISWorld catches up with Arjan Vilkhu of SentrySafe to find out firsthand what's going on within his industry

IW:  What challenge do you and SentrySafe face right now?

AV:  In the recent economic environment it is never been more important to offer consumers the products and services that bring them the increased value while maintaining company growth

IW:  How does IBISWorld help you overcome this challenge?

AV:  IBISWorld provides us with the industry, channel, and manufacturing data and trends that help understand the current and future market.

IW:  What do you foresee happening in your industry within the next year?

AV:  Continued Competition and increased importance in better understanding consumer needs and wants in addition to a need to discover new consumer insights.

IW:  Tell us something interesting about yourself:

AV:  I spend most of my free time with my new baby girl, Sophia. When I do get some free time I enjoy watching hockey and playing golf.

Arjan Vilkhu is a Marketing Research Manager at SentrySafe, the world leader in fire-resistant and security storage (manufacturer of fire resistant safes).