Take the ASUP Online Voting Survey!


This pitch is for a public relations class I’m taking. It is not an official press release.

Due to a significant decline in votes a survey was created to better understand of what influences University of Portland students to vote in their student government (ASUP) elections. This survey will be available now up until December 6, 2011.

This year, there was an evident decline in votes than years past. Especially in the senior class, where only 15 students voted. The results of this survey will be used to create a document that can be given to ASUP with suggestions that can help them have a better understanding of why there was this decline and how they can make for better election voting participation in the future.

Already many participants in this study have stated concerns and suggestions. One participant stated, "I usually vote in the elections, but I often don't know anything about the candidates/issues. Unless I know someone who is running or I have heard about and care about the issue, I either don't vote or I make a not-so-well-informed vote. In the end, I feel like the elections don't really matter anyway (I really don't care who is the senator for my class) and I'd rather focus my time elsewhere than informing myself about ASUP nonsense." With this sort of information, ASUP officials can have a better understanding of what demographics they need to reach.

Please contact Arianna Nassib (nassib12@up.edu) with any questions concerning this study and survey.