ionGrid Emerges from Beta, Becomes Leading iPad Security and Content Access Platform for Major Banks

November 8, 2012 -- Mountain View, CA -- After two years of development and 20 successful deployments at Fortune 1000 companies, ionGrid announced the end of its beta for the world’s first native enterprise iPad platform that enables secure access to business applications and documents with 100% security compliance.  

Currently, iPads are not shipped with adequate enterprise security and content access methods, which means IT departments often limit access to content and internal applications that employees need to be productive.  “Most iPads used in the workplace today are locked out from accessing files stored on secure servers, such as Microsoft PowerPoint decks,” said Michael Rothrock, VP of Product Management at ionGrid.  “Even if they can, the file will likely have significant rendering errors that will make it unusable.”  

Enter ionGrid, which is built from the ground up for iOS, and soon for other major mobile OSs.  For mobile workers, it offers pixel-perfect rendering and fast streaming of all the files and applications they need to do real work on an iPad –online or offline.  In addition, ionGrid provides a secure web browser that keeps work and personal life separate.  Users can launch the ionGrid container just like any other app, but inside it, all company files, applications and data remain secure with end-to-end AES-256 encryption.

To meet the needs of IT security and compliance professionals, ionGrid can leverage existing content management systems (SharePoint, Documentum, CIFS, CMIS) and security infrastructure (Active Directory, RSA SecureID) such that  thousands of iPads can be connected and deployed a day, and managed just as easily as a Blackberry is now.  But unlike most Mobile Device Management solutions, ionGrid focuses on protecting the corporate data, rather than modifying behaviors that affect the whole device.

ionGrid Earns Trust of Top Financial Firms
As of today, more than a dozen of the world’s leading financial services firms including BlackRock and three of the top 10 global banks are using ionGrid to manage their iPads and iPhones.  Collectively, ionGrid supports 50,000 iPads in the financial sector and that number will grow exponentially in 2013.  “We are pleased to have earned the trust of our clients that is required to support thousands of users in a mission critical environment,” said Nick Triantos, co-founder and CEO of ionGrid.  “Although we are a relatively new company, our engineering team has hundreds of combined years’ experience deploying secure computing technologies for the top agencies of the United States government and Fortune 500 companies.”