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Mind-Blowing Circus of The 7 Fingers

The stars of Contemporary Circus bring their extraordinary skills to Irvine Barclay Theatre.

The 7 Fingers: Réversible

Friday & Saturday, February 1-2, 2019 at 8pm

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Known for its vibrant creativity and amazing physical prowess, The 7 Fingers has appeared on Broadway in the smash hit Pippin and at the Olympics in Sochi, Russia. With a unique and riveting mix of theater, circus, music and acrobatics, the company has reached audiences throughout the world, putting a human face on contemporary circus.


In Réversible, a cast of multi-faceted performers takes you on an exhilarating journey. Peek through the key hole at a Reversible world, where everyday life is transformed into new spectacular universes filled with beauty, excitement and pure grace.

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“Magical! There are moments in which we feel we are on the roof of the universe. A perfect blend of virtuosic technique, fantasy, and poetry.” (La Presse, Montréal)


“What is happening on stage is so hypnotically beautify; it works on both an aesthetic and an emotional level.” (Boston Globe)


Boston Globe Review


An Interview with Director Gypsy Snider


About The 7 Fingers


7 artistic directors, 7 visions: The 7 Fingers is a collective that is at once unified and multi-faceted. In 2002, 7 circus artists came together and became The 7 Fingers. Over the course of 16 years, the collective has grown. Every year, projects have given way to new projects, as diverse as the very artists themselves: original productions, Broadway shows, artistic collaborations, project direction, custom designed events, performances for Olympic ceremonies, televised creations, immersive performance experiences and much more. Every one of these projects carries The 7 Fingers’ unmistakable mark. Ambassadors of diversity, the artists have consistently spread their horizons, mixing genres to better tell their stories. Fascinated by the human condition, The 7 Fingers create performances that speak about our world and our time. Their works reach audiences across nations, with over 500 shows a year.

In 2018, The 7 Fingers opened their very own center of creation and production. Situated in the heart of Montréal’s downtown theater district, the new center houses all of the company’s activities, departments and dreams under one roof.


About Réversible


Imagine your grandparents and what they lived through when they were your age. Eight outstanding performers dug through the histories of their families. They unveiled stories from the past and skeletons in the closets that reflected, in some way or another, how they experience life today.


Through a unique, riveting mix of theater, circus, dance, music and acrobatics, Réversible is dedicated to a generation who forged the world that we live in today and whose stories might hold the key to a better tomorrow. Our elders lived in a simpler era, when time moved at a less rapid pace. This time in history inspired poetry, imagination, passion, and staggering virtuosity.


Are these stories written in our DNA? How will the past guide our evolution in the future?

With the 7 Fingers’ Réversible, be prepared for the best in contemporary circus: moments of pure grace yielding to rushes of adrenalin, as a cast of multi-talented performers travel through time and space. Be part of a vibrant journey that will give you goose bumps: peek through the key hole at a reversible world, where everyday life is turned upside down into new spectacular, universes filled with beauty, emotion and yeshope.

Gypsy Snider (Director) wrote, directed and choreographed Loft, Traces, Amuse, Un Dia, and Intersection. She created and directed the company’s touring show, Réversible.


Gypsy has also choreographed televised feature performances for America’s Got Talent, Her Majesty’s Royal Variety Performance, The illusionist Darcy Oake: Edge of Reality and the Underwear and Denim Fashion Show for Bench Philippines.


In 2013, working with director Diane Paulus on a new vision of Pippin, Gypsy integrated circus into the narrative and choreography of the Broadway musical. Gypsy’s work on Pippin earned her a Drama Desk Award and an Outer Critics Circle Award.


Originally from San Francisco, Gypsy is the daughter of the founders of The Pickle Family Circus. She received her degree in physical theater from the Accademia Teatro Dimitri in Switzerland in 1993, and then continued to perform internationally for 18 years. Gypsy is also a guest teacher and director at the National Circus School of Montréal.


In 2015, she received the Evolving Circus Award in New York City.






The idea was that we were going to base the characters in our story on characters that were very deeply inherent in ourselves. So, I sent the cast out in November 2015 to start looking into their genealogy. They had to go at least to their grandparents, but some of them went as far as their great-grandparents and their great-great-grandparents. I wanted them to create characters based on where they came from, a past that they were not even aware of. The idea was that in studying that past, they might see a deeper, stronger path to how they became the people that they are. And the idea was that we would then construct characters to tell the story of Réversible based on events that occurred in these artists’ DNA pool over the last 150 years.


This has proven to be the deepest and most exciting part of creating Réversible. Every day they’d come back with new stories about their grandparents or their great-grandparents, things they had no idea about. One girl found out she was Jewish, she had no idea. One girl who is Swiss found out that her Japanese grandmother had abandoned an arranged marriage in Japan and ran away with a Swiss man. She became the first woman to immigrate to this tiny Swiss village. The stories are just incredible. What we’re feeling in this current generation is that we are uprooted. We are not as connected to family and past as we were even 50 years ago.




The process for Réversible is based on the creative process the 7 Fingers have been developing over the past 15 years. We begin with a spark, an idea, a desire to express and explore a concept that fascinates us, something that we feel will fulfill our search for a better humanity, for a better understanding of who we are. We write the concept—the story writing happens in our minds, at the writing table between the 7 Fingers—and we develop the idea together, we take a storyline, a vehicle to explore the capacity of storytelling through circus, and then we cast a show of characters based on that desire and through improvisation. We create a playground in which we ask the artists to improvise on themes, structures, situations, so that they are able to bring in their own quality—their own flavor —and together we create the show.


The artists enter the process almost a year before the premiere. Their contribution is fundamental; creating this way is heavily based on improvisation, on a very personal way of working. I propose concepts, music, stage designs, situations, a theatrical framework onto which the artists must improvise to fill this canvas.


Of course, there are choreographed segments and images that are already very clear to me before, but I always expect the artists to go further. It’s a very organic, very creative, and always surprising process, one that allows us to create one entity that is separate from us, an entity that takes us further than something that any of us might have imagined alone.

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