New Piano Training iPad App Saves the Solar System from Alien Robots

Inversion Invasion is Sure to be a Long Series of Challenges with Gradually Increasing Difficulty.

Inversion Invasion is the latest project of Jambots founder Terry Schubring.  It teaches keyboard inversions, which are different ways to play the same chords.  "Learning inversions is essential to become a better keyboard player because you don't have to move your hand up and down the keyboard when moving between chords and key signatures. It's really powerful.". 

The problem was practicing inversions isn't exactly fun or exciting.  That's why the game design builds in story elements and characters.  
In an effort to get unlimited energy scientists have unwittingly opened up a portal to the Spiral Dimension near the planet Pluto. Alien robots are coming through and only correct playing specific inversions can stop them.  "I wanted something that would make practicing fun" laughs Schubring "No, no, no, you're not practicing chord inversions you're destroying robots.".
The project was a real creative collaboration.  You are guided through your game training by Neba Ambe, Award Winning Film Director, as Solar President Mbuntu, Veteran voice actor Mei Young as the voice of Ships Computer, Edwin P. Scherr, a real music theorist, playing Professor Ros Cofi and Terry Schubring himself playing  an astronaut at the Titan Observatory.  In addition to several songs in the game contributed by Twin City songwriters there is also an original soundtrack song by eccentric songwriter/producer Mach Fox.
This app brings some much needed lightness and excitement to the mundane yet useful chore of learning chord inversions.  The app is full of funny game development and music references such as Solar President Mbuntu passionately warning the Captain, "It is sure to be a long series of challenges with gradually increasing difficulties but you cannot fail." 
There are a series of Youtube Videos that highlight gameplay and story telling while poking fun at it's obvious camp.