Why My Blog is Moving... to PitchEngine

And why I think it might just work

My blogging evolution.
My blogging evolution.
  • My blogging evolution.
    My blogging evolution.
    My blogging evolution.
    My blogging evolution.

I'm nowhere near the super-active blogger that some of my friends are. I envy Brian SolisChris Brogan and Robert Scoble whose blogs I read regularly. They, and others like them, blog like it's their job (kidding, it actually IS their job)!

For me, it's been a roller coaster and a bit of a binge and purge. Most of the time, I blog becasue I just need to get some thoughts off my chest and out in front of my friends and peers in the industry. I enjoy speaking to groups and Universities, but I feel like I've neglected putting things in writing. So, that leads me to this...

I started blogging on a Ning Network site a few years ago. That's where I cut my teeth and cultivated my first network of friends - an actual audience! From there, I feel like I floated around a bit, trying to find a good home for my blog posts - some place where I could put a stake in the ground and call home. Problem was, I just never found that comfortable place to reside.

Wordpress is the standard, but for me, it lacked some cool factor, and I didn't have the time or resources to make it cool. (Okay, maybe I just didn't want to commit). From there, I tried out platforms left and right (Yes, even Tumblr) before settling on Posterous most recently. Much to my surprise, Posterous decided to "ditch" the blog format in favor of "Spaces" which I still haven't fully wrapped my head around. While they say they'll keep supporting the blog functionality, I've already noticed things coming up broken (like my pages).

So, I thought I'd see just how much power PitchEngine had under the hood. You know, when you just want to see what she can do? I think that makes you, my friendly reader, a part of history. It only makes sense. There's no way in the world I could get better seo on my own and the social "stickiness" is unmatched. Each post can stand on its own while being aggregated to a simple landing page or newsroom. So, it only made since to take it for a spin.

Want to try it out too? Cool. Good news is you can! The new platform is free and your content can live here forever. I'd like to see just how it performs for some of my friends as a supplement to their current blogs. We know what authoritative backlinks can do, so have at it!

If it works out, we'll do more on the front end to make the platform more "blogish" for readers.

Thanks for being with me for this next adventure! And welcome to the new PitchEngine.