Find and Fix Network Problems Everywhere in the Network with PacketPortalT and Network Analyzer

JDSU re-invents network troubleshooting by integrating its flexible Network Analyzer (NA) protocol analysis software with its powerful new PacketPortal solution. PacketPortal feeds data packets to the Network Analyzer application for advanced, full seven-layer protocol analysis and trouble resolution. The combined solution equips tier 2 and 3 support personnel with unprecedented visibility in real time and helps to isolate the root causes of trouble to a specific part of the network — eliminating costly field dispatches.

  • Reduce OpEx by avoiding unnecessary dispatches and reducing MTTR from days to minutes
  • Remotely see network traffic, protocol errors, and transient issues from your office
  • Quickly segment network issues from the edge to the core
  • Provides analysis and troubleshooting across almost any network, anywhere — with pervasive on-demand monitoring capability

Network Analyzer features a vast array of protocols and connectivity interfaces — more than 500 protocols for full seven-layer analysis as well as a huge range of connectivity interfaces, including PacketPortal microprobes, Ethernet from 10 Mbps up to 10 G, SONET/SDH from OC-3/STM-1 to OC-12/STM-4, plus T1/E1, E3/DS3 and legacy datacom (RS232/V.24, RS449/V.36, EIA-530, X.21, and HSSI).

Use Case: Network Analyzer software provides a seven-layer protocol test to install, maintain, network baseline, analyze, and troubleshoot wireline networks. PacketPortal unleashes the power of NA to quickly isolate and resolve customer performance-related problems over Ethernet and ATM LANs, WANs, and ATM networks. The solution delivers network statistics, decodes, expert analysis, data filtering, protocol vitals, connection stats, extensive VoIP analysis and much more. Network Analyzer with PacketPortal provides more affordable, more scalable, and faster trouble resolution than ever before.

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