How to Get Your Picture On Google Search Results: New YouTube Video Shows How

Learn How To Get Your Picture On Google Search Results via Authorship/Rich Snippets

Fremont, CA - The JM Internet Group (web:, a leader in providing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media classes online, is proud to announce their new tutorial post on YouTube about getting Authorship/Rich Snippets in Google search results. The video shows viewers step-by-step how to crosslink their website to their Google+ profile, thus get their picture in Google search results. The video also explains what the Rich Snippets Tool is and how to use it in attaining this new highly sought out Authorship feature everyone wants to attain in Google SEO searches.

"Getting your picture to appear next to Google search results is becoming more and more popular in the social media marketing arena," said Jason McDonald, Senior Director of the JM Internet Group. "I made this short video tutorial to help people understand how to get their picture on Google searches by crosslinking their website to their Google+ profile, and how to use the free Rich Snippets tool to ensure they've done it succesfully."

To watch this exciting new video go to:

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