Introducing: Jockey Sport

The best Jockeyr workout pants ever! The new Jockeyr Sport collection includes three active categories: relaxed, modern and performance. Each category provides unique features and athletic details, perfect for every move and body type.
Relaxed Activewear Bottoms
Loose fit for maximum comfort and movement
Best for low impact activities (yoga, anyone?)
Styles include relaxed crop and relaxed pant

Modern Activewear Bottoms
Active fit with sleek accents
Best for medium impact activities (Wii Fit - let's go!)
Styles include: modern crop and modern pant

Performance Activewear Bottoms
Form fitting for peak performance and muscle support
Best for high impact activities (hit the trails!)
Styles include performance crop legging and performance pant

Plus, top your best performance with other NEW Jockeyr Sport styles including our seamless cami bra, seamless tank top, active tee with pockets and zip front jacket. Activewear has never looked (or felt) this good!
It's your journey. take it with ultimate comfort and a perfect fit.