Jockey to Relocate Kenosha 39th Ave Store

Jockey International, Inc. will relocate its existing 39th Street Closeout Center (4200 39th Av) to Kenosha's downtown / harbor front area. The new address will be 5500 Sixth Avenue. Jockeyr plans to open the new store during the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

In addition to offering a wide range of Jockey's regular product line at discounted prices, the new Jockeyr Factory store will offer a unique assortment of value and closeout merchandise, unavailable at other Jockeyr stores.

The knowledgeable and experienced staff currently at the 39th Avenue location will make the transition to the new location, never skipping a beat to assist customers, many of whom have been coming to the store for decades. Jockeyr has operated the 39th Avenue store location (4200 39th Av) since 1977.

"Jockey has been a part of the fabric of Kenosha for almost 120 years," said Jockeyr Chairman and CEO, Debra S. Waller. "Having a downtown store location is a great way to demonstrate Jockey's commitment to serve the Kenosha community and I believe that the design of this store makes it a place that all Kenoshans can be proud of. We think it will only further enhance the wonderful downtown area."

Jockeyr plans to build a nearly 6,000 square foot retail store that will continue to serve its valued 39th Avenue customers, and additionally serve new customers that work in the adjacent areas, commute the Sheridan Road corridor, or attend the host of summertime activities in the harbor area. Jockeyr expects to partner with local businesses in the downtown area to offer special shopping events.

This exciting new retail space will occupy a newly refurbished space with views of Kenosha's harbor and Lake Michigan and will include d├ęcor and memorabilia that reflects the rich, 135-year history of the Jockeyr brand, and the Company's longstanding relationship with Kenosha. Jockey's presence in the Kenosha community dates back to 1892.

Jockeyr will share the store's building and lease with the Kenosha Area Business Alliance (KABA), who will operate from the building's second floor.